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While spot trading is still the most popular way of interacting with the market because of its straightforward process, an increasing number of investors are choosing crypto derivatives because of the specific sets of benefits they offer.

Crypto derivatives are secondary contracts or financial instruments such as futures, options, or perpetual swaps whose value is obtained from the price movements of a primary underlying digital asset. Basically, they allow investors to bet on the rising or falling price of crypto assets like bitcoin.

In other words, you’re not trading the underlying asset – you just receive exposure to it through a secondary mechanism.

Crypto Derivatives Trading on Delta Exchange

But to get the most from these products, traders, including beginners and experts, need an efficient derivatives trading platform, and that’s why Delta Exchange exists.

Delta Exchange describes itself as a next-generation crypto exchange that gives users access to bitcoin and altcoin derivatives products while providing them with various trading options and strategies to suit their different needs.

The platform was created by a team of experts who have experience across financial markets, derivatives trading, product, and engineering by working with several top multinational companies.

Delta Exchange aims to be a one-stop crypto derivatives trading platform and is working to make it easier for all traders to easily navigate the derivatives market.

Delta Exchange Products

The platform has a long range of products for traders based on their level of experience in the market.


Futures trading is one of the core products of Delta Exchange. Users can trade futures on more than 80 different crypto assets, including Bitcoin, Ether, DOGE, Monero, Chainlink, and MATIC, just to mention a few.

Futures at Delta have all the benefits of margin trading and, at the same time, are cost-effective, with leverage options of up to 100x, deeper order books, etc.

The Robo Strategies

Automated trading is becoming a thing among traders in the crypto market. It is a method of trading that adopts algorithms to buy and sell crypto assets at predetermined intervals.

Robo trading enables users to invest their funds and allows trading bots to collect market data, evaluate it, assess every possible market risk, and subsequently buy or sell.

Delta Exchange provides its users with the following robo trading strategies:

This is one of three broad categories of Robo trading strategies available on the Delta crypto derivatives exchange. Under this section are the Top 20 Momentum, which trades top assets based on their market caps; DeFi Momentum, which trades top-performing DeFi assets;  Top 2 Momentum; BTC Momentum, and ALTBTC Momentum.

This is another broad category of robo trading on Delta Exchange. With this strategy, traders are able to make Cash Futures Arbitrage, which tries to capture a BTC and ETH futures premium over their spot market prices.

  • Automated Market Makers (AMM) Strategy 

Users will find the Large Cap AMM under this category. It generates bids and offers using order book and price information when traders who are seeking liquidity try to pay dynamic premiums for fair prices.

  • DETO Staking Pool Strategy

The DETO Staking Pool strategy allows users to earn yields on their DETO token, the native cryptocurrency of Delta Exchange. This category also includes other strategies such as the Large Cap AMM (DETO), Cash Future Arbitrage (DETO), and the Top 20 momentum (DETO).

In addition to everything from above, Delta Exchange also has various yield strategies. Users are able to earn notable APYs on various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether’s USDT stablecoin.


Delta Exchange allows traders to trade options with Bitcoin and several other leading assets available on its platform. Options are derivative contracts that give buyers the right to buy or sell an underlying asset at a predetermined price before or on a predetermined date.

The exchange offers two types of options contracts – Vanilla options and Turbo options.


Traders looking to speculate not on the direction of price movements but on the size of the price movement can take advantage of Delta’s MOVE contract products.

There are two types of MOVE options available on the platform, the Daily MOVE contract and the Weekly MOVE contract.

Delta Exchange Features

In addition to these products, Delta Exchange has several features that give it a competitive edge in the crypto derivatives market.


The exchange uses enterprise-grade security and has several systems in place to safeguard users’ assets and information.

Delta’s website is secured with industry-standard firewalls and users can activate two-factor authentication to add an extra level of security to their accounts. Additionally, the exchange says that crypto assets in its custody are safely stored in different encrypted multi-signature wallets for enhanced security.

Robust Referral Program

Delta Exchange has a referral program that it uses to encourage traders to invite more users to the platform.

Whenever a user refers another person to the exchange, they will receive a 15% commission for a whole year when their invitees signup and make deposits. Afterwards, they will continue to receive a 10% commission for life whenever the referrals make deposits.


Derivatives have become an important element in the crypto market and have helped crypto assets, especially bitcoin, evolve.

Delta Exchange is aiming to make things easier for crypto traders and enthusiasts looking to leverage the benefits of derivatives products to maximize profit in the booming market. Meanwhile, new traders can read the full guide on how to trade crypto derivatives here.


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